About Us


Within the project logistics space, global success hinges on a strong network. With over three decades of expertise, we cultivate connections that count.

Supporting Customers Across Industries

Our membership base is well-equipped to handle customer demands of all sizes and complexities. Whether that’s construction, energy, engineering, oil and gas, mining, or beyond, your customers will be in good hands.

Our Thorough Vetting Process

We vet each member based on demonstrated success, timeliness, communicability, compliance, and more. From heavy-lift transformers to oversized wind farm blades and everything in between, our trusted network unlocks global coverage for the transports your customers depend on.


The People Behind the SeaBlue Project Logistics Network

Dr. S V Anchan, Founder

As an award-winning international shipping and logistics leader, Dr. S V Anchan brings extensive experience to the SeaBlue Project Logistics Network. He is currently the Chairman of Safesea Group, extending three generations of family shipping and logistics success. To date, he has built invaluable trade bridges between India and the USA, introducing key innovations while ensuring absolute compliance.

Rik Spruyt, Founder

Rik possesses over 30 years of expertise in global freight forwarding, specialized logistics in Africa, and the China-Africa trade lanes. His vast experience enables businesses to efficiently expand into international markets. Leveraging his strong commitment to business development and more than two decades of senior management experience in diverse cultural settings, Rik assists clients in achieving substantial and purposeful growth.
Rik is also the Founder of the CrossTrades network.


“Exploring our website offers a glimpse into our global network’s capabilities. Yet, for a comprehensive understanding of how our network can benefit you, connecting with us personally is paramount. Engaging in a conversation enables us to delve into your company’s expertise while sharing insights into the capabilities of our network.
Let’s build a partnership that leverages your strengths and harnesses the potential of our network for mutual growth and success.
Contact us today for a meaningful conversation.”